Andrew Smith

I've been involved in computers since 1978, and robotics since my first construction set. As some of my activities may be of interest to others, I will endeavour to maintain some notes concerning them here.


I provide a range of information and communications technology services such as database development and hosting, website and email hosting and support, and technical support for open source software solutions. Please click on the link to the left for more information.


Here is source code and documentation for some of the database projects which I have in development. In most cases it is licensed under the new BSD licence for compatibility with the open source PostgreSQL and Apache projects.


I've been tinkering with robots on and off for as far back as I can remember. This section chronicles my experiments and accomplishments in the fascinating field of hobby robotics.


If you are short of garden space or water then hydroponics is a fun way to grow plants. Here is some information about ways that I have grown herbs and vegetables without using soil.

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