If you are short of garden space or water then hydroponics is a fun way to grow plants. Here is some information about ways that I have grown herbs and vegetables without using soil.


Mature silverbeet plants growing in expanded clay balls in waist high benches. In the background are asparagus plants growing in a bathtub which is resting on the ground.


Young beetroot plants growing in expanded clay balls. As they grow, the larger beetroot are harvested early to leave room for the rest of the beetroot plants to fill out.


Tomato plants trained on a twine trellis with beetroot plants filling in the space around the roots.


Seven year old asparagus plants growing in a 20 litre container filled with perlite.


Eggplant grows rapidly in self-watering plant pots filled with shredded coconut fibre.


One section of the greenhouse showing the potting bench in the background and hydroponic benches filled with expanded clay balls in the foreground.


Construction of the greenhouse roof which is made from treated pine struts and lengths of dowel.